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Whether you are buying a Toyota 4runner third row seat or a Chevy Suburban fourth row seat, Little Passenger Seats were designed with children’s safety in mind. We take many factors into consideration when designing for a new vehicle.Every seat, seat belt and mounting system we have designed has been stress tested to meet safety standards established by the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.


Little Passenger seats has tested the bench and single seat frames, seat mounting platform and our Type 1 and Type 2 seat belt assemblies with the tests listed here.

All Little Passenger Seats meet or surpass the following Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards:

  • Section 571.207 subsections S4.2(a) and (b)

    Tests the seat anchorage system and requires “20 times the weight of the seat applied in a forward (rearward) longitudinal direction.”

  • Section 571.207 subsection S4.2(d)

    Tests the rear upper seat frame cross-member…”in a rearward longitudinal direction for forward facing seats and a forward longitudinal direction for rearward-facing seats.”

  • 3Section 571.209 subsection S4.3(c)(2)

    Tests the single anchorage point, “Other attachment hardware designed to receive the ends of two seat belt assemblies shall withstand a tensile force of at least 6,000 pounds… without fracture of any section when tested by procedure in S5.2(c)(2).”

  • Section 571.210 subsection S4.4.2

    Tests seat belt assembly anchorage to insure their proper location for effective occupant restraint, “Except for side-facing seats, the anchorage for a Type 1 seat belt assembly or the pelvic portion of a Type 2 seat belt assembly shall withstand a 5,000 pound force when tested in accordance with S5.1.”

  • Section 571.210 subsection S5.2

    Tests Type 2 seat belt anchorage, specifies in part “…apply forces of 3,000 pounds in the direction in which the seat faces simultaneously to pelvic and upper torso body blocks…and maintain them for 10 seconds.”

Want to know more about child transportation safety?

For more information on automobile safety for kids, see the Child Transportation Safety Tips web site from the National Highway Transportation Safety Association.

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