Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re getting a cloth, vinyl or leather SUV seat, our third row seating is a great addition to your vehicle. Here are some frequently asked questions about our SUV 3rd row seats.

Are Little Passenger Seats safe?


Our first seat was designed for grandchildren, so safety was our number one concern. Once we decided to market SUV 3rd seats, we knew safety would be everyone’s primary concern; that is why they would consider buying a seat instead of just having their children sitting on the floor of the cargo area.
After some research we learned, to our surprise, that there are no requirements that we do any safety testing in order to market our seats. Although we know how strong our seats and mounting systems are, whether you buy a cloth or a leather SUV seat, we proceeded to do safety testing to ensure that they meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Since we are putting seats in your cargo space, we have chosen a solid welded non-folding frame in order to add support, as well as, a solid mounting system where the seat bolts in with grade 8 bolts in just a matter of minutes once you have your mounting system installed. Choosing the safety features Little Passenger Seats has to offer will also ensure that your seat(s) are as safe as possible. This includes a solid welded bench non-folding frame An independent evaluation was completed by the California State Automobile Association (AAA of Northern California) before they allowed us to purchase advertising space in their monthly magazine.

At the time of this writing we have sold in excess of 22,000 seats and have not heard of a single incident in which one of our seats has failed. We have had several customers call to thank us for the safety of our seats after they had been involved in accidents in which the seat had kept their children safe.

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How long does it take to receive the seat once an order is placed?

Since little passenger seats are custom hand-made to order, it typically takes about 8-10 weeks to receive. However, sometimes due to uncontrollable circumstances it could take approximately 8-12 weeks to complete your seat.
little passenger seats single-folding seats are sent out to get fabricated as we do not have the machine capabilities. After they have been fabricated the seat is then powder-coated before coming back to us to get welded and upholstered, therefore the typical lead time can be approximately 9-12 weeks.

We understand that this extra seating is highly necessary for your family and we always do our best to get your seat completed as soon as possible. Shipping times range from 1-5 business days in the 48 contiguous states.
A deposit of 50% is required to start your order and the balance is due one week prior to the scheduled ship date.

We do not expedite orders at all…sorry! Little Passenger Seats is a small company hand building the seats to the order. We produce approx 20 seats per week. All orders are treated equally.

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Can I use a child car seat on the little passenger seat?

A child booster seat is not necessary with the little passenger seat as they are designed for children so the shoulder belt fits them correctly, though we recommend that you have it inspected by highway law enforcement. Since our seats are designed smaller and car seats for ages four and under vary in size, little passenger seats are best suited for ages 4+.

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Will the little passenger seat match my interior?

That depends on the year, make and upholstery of your SUV.

If you have a leather interior we will be able to match it in most cases in either leather or vinyl.

If you have a cloth interior the answer is maybe.

We can usually get the original trim fabric or one that is very close so you may not be able to tell it is not original. The insert pieces, the piece you sit on that has a pattern, are getting harder and harder to get. We have some fabrics that go back 10 years or more and others that are only a few years old and are no longer available. As the automobile industry gets more and more competitive the manufactures have tightened the supplies and we no longer see the fabric surpluses that were very common only five years ago.

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Is there a weight limit for the occupant of the seat?

No. The limit is on size of the passenger.

The Federal Safety Standards we tested for were for regular car seats, not child seats. Most vehicles are large enough to fit adults to about 5’2″.

Our seating is made for children.

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Do I need a mechanic to install a little passenger seat?

Probably not.

All of our seats are designed for owners to install themselves with an electric drill and hand tools in two to three hours. They come with complete step-by-step instructions and most include diagrams. We also have photo instructions for our Explorer seats from an article in a sport utility magazine. You do not have to remove gas tanks for the installation of any of our seats.

If you are not very mechanical, you may have a friend or relative who can help you with the installation. Before you pay someone to install a seat we suggest you go through the instructions, not only to determine whether you might be able to do the job yourself, but also to familiarize yourself with the installation so you will know if it was installed correctly. You should not have to pay more than two or three hours labor to have someone install a seat, depending on the specific SUV model.

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Do the optional shoulder belts require any additional mounting?


The shoulder belt retractors mount on the rear of the seat frame and are installed by simply moving them from their shipping position (under the seat) and bolting them onto the designated location on the seat frame. The belt comes over the top of the seat so they fit little passengers correctly.

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Are little passenger seats removable?


Seats in all models can be removed by simply unscrewing four bolts, about a five minute job. To reinstall simply place the seat back in and reinstall the four bolts. On some models the seat can be installed front or rear facing and changed from one position to the other.

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Is it true that Little Passenger Seats has a consignment program for me to resell my used Little Passenger Seat?

Yes, in most cases, if you have taken care of your seat.

We will pay to ship back most of the popular models when you sell your vehicle or the children outgrow the seat. We pay up to 1/3 of the original price of the seat depending on condition, make, model, year, color and upholstery and the shipping costs back to us. Your portion or investment is a small $30 box fee, and we send you boxes in order to ensure we get the seat back in the best condition possible. This only applies to the bench seats. Little Passenger Seats will have the shipping company pick it up and ship it back to L.P.S. at our expense. We will only buy back seats that we can resell, therefore, we cannot buy back seats that are discontinued. We do not carry used single folding seats. Once we get the seat here, it goes through an evaluation process. We charge for seat repair and cleaning at $50 per hour, so you can ensure you get the most money back by making sure it is clean and in good condition before you send it back. We can bring back most seats during the spring and summer for extra stock, though, year round we will accept all requests for consignment, and have the seat shipped back when we find an interested buyer. All seats are held for consignment until it sells, then you get your portion.

Submit an email request for consignment, include your contact information and a few pictures of your seat, please remove all metal parts attached to it. We need to see the wood underneath. We will email you back with an offer for consignment.


We do not carry any used single-folding seats only bench seats.

Call us at 1-800-252-9989 to put a fully refundable small deposit to get on the used seat waiting list or request one with your Little Passenger Seat new order. Currently, the used seat stock is minimal. You can always email us at to check if we have a used seat for your specific vehicle or simply visit our Facebook page where you will find pictures of our new in stock or used seats on our timeline.

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Is there any guarantee on the little passenger seat?

Yes. Our seats are guaranteed!

The steel seat frame and mounting system is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle and the seat foam is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 15 years. There is a small charge for replacing seat belts after one year of your invoice shipping date. If you are not completely satisfied with your seat, you may return it uninstalled within 30 days for most of your money back. We do not refund your original shipping costs. There is a 10% cancellation fee as well as your shipping expense back to us. After 30 days there is also a 10% restocking fee for uninstalled seats. Our used seats have the same guarantee. Once the seat has been installed it will be considered as a used seat and returns will be on a case-by-case basis.

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Can I buy a used seat?

The seats we buy back are resold as used with new mounting systems. Used seats are sold at a discounted price, approx 20%-25% off, depending on the condition, model, upholstery, color, options, etc. Used seats sell quickly so finding one to match your model and interior may be difficult. There is a waiting list for the more popular models, so, in that case, the turnover for a used seat is about the same turnover period as a new seat.
Call us at 1-800-252-9989 to put a fully refundable small deposit to get on the used seat waiting list or request one with your Little Passenger Seat new order. You can always email us at to check if we have a used seat for your specific vehicle or simply visit our Facebook page where you will find pictures of our new in stock or used seats on our timeline.
Even when we are unable to meet the demand for our used bench seats, we can offer a less expensive model of our bench seat. This seat is upholstered in grey, tan, or black non-factory cloth and has a ‘Basic’ stitch pattern. This option saves you $50 on your bench seat. Your vehicle online order form will show if this option is available for your vehicle.
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What do I do if I don't know the color of my material?

You may place the order without a color choice. Add to the text box provided the details of your material, provide a picture of your material after your order is placed and we will send you samples in the mail if we feel we need further clarification.

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Are Little Passenger Seats legal outside of the United States?

Our seats are designed within U.S. Federal Safety Standards
View Safety Standards Here

It is up to you to do the research in your country whether our seats also follow your safety standards. It is also up to you to add the safety features required for your country, though we encourage shoulder belts and head restraints for all three possible passengers to ensure your seat will pass any safety standard inspection. We have shipped many seats to Canada and around the world. As far as we know, the only rule in Canada is you cannot mount your seat rear facing and it is hard to find an installer, though our seats are designed for the customer to install themselves with a little help from a second person. Customs charges are your responsibility, we ship PRIORITY MAIL worldwide through the United States Postal Service though we cannot guarantee a shipping time frame once it leaves here. Canada shipping costs are listed in the shopping cart but International shipping costs need a quote for actual shipping and typically run anywhere from $350 to $500 for the bench seat.

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I do not see my vehicle listed. Do you make a seat for my make or model?

If you do not see your MAKE listed, we have not designed a mounting system for that MAKE at all. This includes Volkswagen, BMW, and Lexus. Suspension, gas tanks, and hybrid batteries restrict access to the mounting area needed.

We have started a list of vehicles that we have attempted but cannot structurally get them in and pass our liability policy safety checklist.

Vehicles we structurally cannot add any Little Passenger Seating to

If you do not see your on the list above, then we may or may not make a seat for your vehicle, please email us at to ask. Sport Models are sometimes made smaller and makes a difference for mounting. If you click on the order form and see your model listed, then, yes, we make offer a seat for your vehicle. We welcome all inquiries and try to respond as soon as possible so you can get a seat ordered right away.

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